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Drawing on many years of experience in didactics and technical communication, Konrad 3D offers expert engineering services for 3D applications with a special focus on 3D animations and 3D real-time applications.

Our combined competence in the working fields of e-learning, technical documentation and software development makes us your ideal partner for providing and conveying knowledge in an easy-to-understand, vivid way under highly realistic conditions using cutting-edge technology.

Apart from producing classical teaching aids, we mainly use professional digital means such as animations, interactive modules, real-time applications, but also PowerPoint and graphics to convey educational contents.

Our learning models and software systems take into account the students’ individual capabilities, while output options for Internet and mobile-phone technology, PCs, laptops, and netbooks facilitate easy access.

We have clients in the area of education, but also in the aviation, machinery and equipment building, control and medical engineering, laboratory and sensor technology industries, so we know the technological state of the art and the practical local conditions in the business units.

Further subject matters include risk assessment for machinery and equipment under the aspects of occupational health and safety as well as the entire scope of technical communication - from simple line graphics to illustrations, instructions, utility and educational films, real-time applications, on-line helps, and home pages for large machines, but also for microtechnology.
Simulations and animations give you the benefits of:

  • A striking 3D company profile
  • Powerful product representations
  • Supportive imagery for your product training and enhanced product argumentation in sales
  • Learning aid for easy understanding of complex processes for vocational training in the field of power engineering
  • Documentation of educational knowledge
  • Documentation of maintenance activities, assembly operations, commissioning and acceptance procedures
  • Documentation of product function, safety, and correct use
  • Support for operating manuals and user instructions
  • Simulation of physical and mechanical motion relations between any kinds of objects (multi-body simulation)
  • Simulation of entire business processes, such as e.g. production and logistics processes


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